Railway and safety device shelters

Meets even the most stringent requirements

Esari’s safety device shelters are developed to meet the stringent quality requirements set for safety device systems installed along railway lines. We can offer a wide range of shelters, from small steel-framed models to large shelters built on site, without compromising on quality. We also carry out electrical and device installations for the shelters.

High-quality properties

Thanks to an advanced building method and top-quality materials, the result is a strong, safe and reliable equipment shelter that will serve its users over a long lifespan.

Versatile delivery

Our deliveries include e.g.

  • Wood, steel and concrete-framed CE-marked safety device shelters
  • Electrical installations for buildings
  • Reserve power equipment
  • Air-source heat pumps and fans
  • Cable cellars, foundation elements
  • Safety device and logistics centre installations
  • Furnishing
  • Special transport and fast, professional installation




Oy Esari Ab's operations are controlled and documented.
All our company's operations are certified in accordance with the international ISO standard. Our company has an ISO9001-certified quality management system.