Reserve power facilities

Protected power supply

An uninterrupted power supply is becoming increasingly important for ensuring operational continuity. Esari's reserve power facilities are developed in collaboration with the industry's most significant reserve power generator suppliers. The result is an overall package in which all the details for easy and safe use have already been carefully considered. Esari's reserve power facility is a ready-to-use package which can also include a commissioned generator as necessary. Our delivery can also include foundations and the installation of the equipment shelter on the site.

High-quality properties

Thanks to an advanced building method and top-quality materials, the result is a strong, safe and reliable equipment shelter that will serve its users over a long lifespan.

Versatile delivery

Our deliveries include e.g.

  • Wood, steel and concrete-framed CE-marked equipment shelters
  • Special structures and cladding
  • Electrical installations for buildings
  • Reserve generators and equipment
  • Foundation element
  • Special transport and fast, professional installation


Oy Esari Ab's operations are controlled and documented.
All our company's operations are certified in accordance with the international ISO standard. Our company has an ISO9001-certified quality management system.