25 years of Esari Oy

25 years ago, friends Esa Rantala and Ari Rauma set up a company named Duo Esari. The company's business idea was to construct small buildings for telephone switchboards for telecommunications operators to meet the needs of the mobile telephone network then under construction in Finland. We did this unforgettable work together for two years before a serious illness ended Esa's life far too soon at just 41.

As time went on, telephone switchboard buildings received a finer name; equipment shelters. During our 25 years we have delivered almost 4000 of these equipment shelters to meet a range of municipal engineering needs.

Over the years I have often had to answer the question: "Surely you will have delivered all of the shelters soon and the network will be complete?"
My answer is: "No. Society is constantly developing and as it does, it creates new kinds of needs for small and large equipment shelters."

Today's Esari product family includes larger steel and concrete-framed equipment shelters in addition to the small, wooden-framed shelters - convenient packages to meet the needs of many different clients.

Kaustinen is also home to the Kuorikoski family of church builders
Over a period of 140 years (1776-1916), the Kuorikoskis built 40 churches, 20 bell towers, and repaired many others. The Kuorikoskis' handiwork can still be seen in more than one hundred parishes all over Finland. In addition, they worked on numerous bridges, mills, and other buildings.
A fourth-generation contractor in the family, Juho Jaakko Kuorikoski, moved to my home village of Salonkylä and got married, taking his wife's surname, Rauma.

Today, Esari Oy’s handiwork, following in the Kaustinen tradition, can be seen in a significant share of Finland's municipal engineering. I feel that it is a privilege for my company to be involved in our clients' projects

I would like to thank our clients and partners in cooperation for their collaboration.

In Kaustinen, 31.1.2018
Ari Rauma

Shelters from Kaustinen – protecting wireless connections since 1776


Oy Esari Ab's operations are controlled and documented.
All our company's operations are certified in accordance with the international ISO standard. Our company has an ISO9001-certified quality management system.