ABB: ”Esari has shown us that they are a reliable operator”

The long-term work of Esari Oy pays off. Finland’s leading supplier of equipment shelters has together with ABB been involved in building the large battery factory in Sweden.

The enormous battery factory that is being built in Skellefteå shows Esari’s expertise. Esari delivers the substations as a part of the deal made with ABB.   

– This is a significant milestone for Esari. We have never been involved in such a large-scale project before. We have delivered a few equipment shelters to Sweden over the years, but now, the long-term sale work paid off, says the CEO Ari Rauma.  

Esari cooperates with ABB in this project. ABB chose Esari as the supplier of the modular substations.


Smooth cooperation

Esari and ABB has cooperated on projects before. Esari’s supervisor of electrical work Jouni Kykyri and the factory manager Jori Känsäkoski are satisfied now that the work in Sweden is in its final stages. 

– Everything has gone smoothly without any bigger setbacks, and we have managed to stay in schedule. In fact, we are even a little ahead of schedule. The fact that Esari was selected as the supplier for this project is a big sign of confidence from ABB towards Esari, Kykyri says. 

– We have a long history of cooperation with ABB, and many successful deliveries. The cornerstones for Esari’s values are attitude, diligence, and professionalism. These three together with high delivery quality are reflected in the final product, Känsäkoski says.

ABB’s representative also underlines, that previous successful projects weighed in the choosing of a construction partner for the battery factory.

– We had beforehand information thanks to a few previous projects. Esari has shown us that they are a reliable operator. It is easy to work with Esari, Olli Syrjälä says.

Syrjälä also emphasizes that one of the most important things in smooth cooperation is a functional personal chemistry.

– In projects like this, interaction is always important. The operators must get along, and cooperation must go smoothly on both sides. There are always challenges in projects like this, but they can be overcome through good cooperation. Both parts need to help when necessary and be flexible if the situation so requires. With Esari, these things have worked well, Syrjälä says.


Built in Finland, assembled in Sweden

The delivery included six equipment shelters. The modules for the equipment shelters were built and test fitted at Esari’s factory in Kaustinen. The substations consisting of seven modules, were transported to Skellefteå in pieces, and the assembly was done at the battery factory.

– The module solution was the most cost-effective method. From a transport technical point of view, a 27-metre building would have been a challenging an expensive solution. This was an effective way for both the customer and the supplier, CEO Rauma says. 

– A modular solution is a good option when it comes to installation-critical construction sites. That is, when you are on a tight schedule. ABB has delivered similar solutions to oil refineries and the mining industry, ABB’s Syrjälä says.

– There might be similar projects in the future, and not only in the battery industry. This was a strong display of our expertise, Rauma says.

Rauma also emphasizes that we once again have proof that there is excellence in the little region of Central Ostrobothnia, that also suffices in Sweden.

– Central Ostrobothnia is a leading export region in Finland. Now it was Esari’s turn to show that there is companies with strong competence.


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