Cramming of public buildings is a big problem both in Finland and in the rest of the world.
Some people mess with buildings with grafite and are not capable of understanding the cost and damage to owner.

Cleaning grafite is difficult and expensive.

For this reason, we have designed antigrafite upholstery for all of our standard models and Antigraffiti can be found as a new addition to our standard models.

This model has a stylish wood-paneled cladding that makes it less attractive to smudges.

Antigraffiti Park is a type-approved model in the Helsinki metropolitan area for telecom use and makes building permit processing more faster.

The cladding is also available for customized models.  Attached picture is from customized model to our customer delivered in this spring.

The project has been designed in cooperation with Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy, architect Juha Ryösä.


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