Business acquisition between Oy Esari Ab and Ab Ostromap Oy

Esari Oy, Esari Verkkopalvelut Oy and Ab Ostromap Oy were merged in a business reorganisation carried out in 2014. The aim was to turn three business industries into a single municipal engineering expert. The timing of the reorganisation, which took place while the markets were in recession, was not optimal, however. The construction of telecommunications and electricity networks was fiercely competed and unprofitable throughout the industry. For this reason, the aforementioned operations were wound down in 2015 and 2016.

Despite the difficult market situation, equipment shelter and measurement operations have developed very positively with regard to both turnover and profitability in the manner outlined in the strategy. However, there was no real synergy between these two areas of business. For this reason, Oy Esari Ab sold its measurement operations on 15.10.2017 to Stefan Hagman, who will continue the business operations with his old employees under the trade name Ab Ostromap Oy (previously Stefan Hagman Oy, business ID 2859517-3). Hagman also acts as Ab Ostromap Oy's managing director.

In the future, Oy Esari Ab will focus solely on the product development, marketing and manufacture of equipment shelters to meet various municipal engineering needs. The Vaasa-based capital investment company Oy Wedeco Ab and Ari Rauma will continue to own the company, with Ari Rauma acting from now on as managing director.

Our customers can still deal with the same contact persons as they always have, and operations in both business areas will continue at the same premises; in Kaustinen for Oy Esari Oy and Jakobstad, Vaasa and Vantaa for Ab Ostromap Oy.

Further information is available from:


Managing Director Stefan Hagman
Tel. 044-374 0764
Ab Ostromap Oy
Business ID: 2859517-3

Equipment shelters

Managing Director Ari Rauma
Tel. 0400-566 691
Oy Esari Ab
Business ID: 1599414-0


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