The Swedish listed company Lagercrantz Group AB ( has signed an agreement to acquire Oy Esari Ab.
Esari is Finland’s leading manufacturer of equipment shelters. The company's clients are mainly telecom operators, energy and technical industries and state-owned enterprises. Esari's annual revenue is about 5 M€ and the company’s profitability is good. For a more detailed introduction of the company, see

“Thanks to our strong specialization and expertise, we have been able to grow over the years along with our clients’ projects to become Finland's leading equipment shelter supplier. Long-term cooperation and partnerships with our clients have enabled product development that can meet the needs of community building in terms of technical facilities. Ostrobothnia-based private equity investor Wedeco ( joining ownership in 2014 and good corporate governance have significantly developed Esari's operations and helped with the breakthrough into the Swedish market, which we have seen as a great opportunity for the future. With Lagercrantz, we will be able to further develop our business and continue exporting the success story from Kaustinen with a committed and skilled staff. I also see strong synergies between Esari and the Swedish company Elkapsling, which is part of the Lagercrantz Group. We largely share the same client base and we are able to complement each other's product lines and meet the needs of our clients better. Lagercrantz's traditions and values as a long-term owner enable Esari's development and growth in the Nordic countries” says Ari Rauma, CEO of Oy Esari Ab.

“Esari will further strengthen Lagercrantz’s position and offer within enclosures and equipment shelters. It will complement Lagercrantz’s business Elkapsling and its product range and we see excellent potential for growth in each country with a broader offer” comments Jörgen Wigh, President and CEO of Lagercrantz Group.

“Being from Ostrobothnia region myself, I am particularly happy that we strengthen our position in the area by acquiring a well-managed company with a very good potential for the future” says Marcus Käld, Vice President in Lagercrantz Group, Mechatronics division.

Esari will become part of Lagercrantz’s Mechatronics division in January 2021.

Kaustinen 12/18/2020

For more information, please contact:
Ari Rauma, CEO, Oy Esari Ab, tel. +358 400 566 691
Marcus Käld, Vice President Mechatronics division, Lagercrantz Group AB, tel. +358 50 518 5901


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