New production facilities for Esari

The current facilities that were finished in 2008 for production of wood-framed equipment shelters have become cramped as our operations have expanded.

The demand and delivery volumes for Esari’s steel-framed equipment shelters have increased the recent years, generating approximately 35 % of our revenue.

For this reason, we started building a new production hall during the spring.

The 700m2 production facilities including social facilities will be finished in October 2021 and is designed for production of steel-framed equipment shelters.

The new production hall will clarify our logistics and enhance our operations when we can use different production facilities for wood and steel-framed equipment shelters.


Oy Esari Ab's operations are controlled and documented.
All our company's operations are certified in accordance with the international ISO standard. Our company has an ISO9001-certified quality management system.